Capital Word of the Day

September 2014

9/2       abeyance(uh BAY uns)(noun) a state of not being presently used.

The road repair project is being held in abeyance until agreement is reached on project funding.

9/3       altruism(AL troo iz im)(noun) devotion to helping others; selflessness.

            The Salvation Army is an organization devoted to altruism.

9/4       bivouac(BIV wak)(noun) a temporary shelter or encampment, especially for military purposes.

            With a storm closing in, the climbers prepared a bivouac and settled down for the night.

9/5       corrugated(KAWR uh gay tud)(adjective) shaped or bent into ridges.

            My new computer came packed in a corrugated cardboard box.

9/8       derring-do(DARE ing DOO)(noun) daring action and deeds.

James Bond films show many actos of derring-do performed by stunt actors dressed up to look like Bond.

9/9       empirical(em PIR uh kul)(adjective) relying on observation or experience.

In Science class we do experiments so that we can base our findings on empirical evidence.

9/10    flourish(FLOOR ish)(verb) prosper, thrive.

Air conditioning businesses flourish  in Florida where the weather is warm most of the year.

9/11    glean(gleen)(verb) to gather information or material slowly, search for relevant articles.

Understanding began to glean on Isaac’s face as he started to grasp the new material.

9/12    halcyon(HAL see un)(adjective) tranquil; happy and carefree.

The halcyon atmosphere of quiet cabin in the woods is the perfect recipe for relaxation.

9/15    jocular(JAHK yuh lur)(adjective) inclined to joke.

Candice has a jocular personality and spreads laughter everywhere she goes.

9/16    legerdemain(lej ur duh MANE)(noun) sleight of hand, trickery.

            Most magicians use legerdemain instead of actual magic.

9/17    mercurial(mur KYOOR ee ul)(adjective) following no predictable pattern.

            The mercurial nature of tropical storms makes them very hard to predict.

9/18    parquet(par KAY)(noun) wooden floor forming a pattern; part of an area in a theatre.

Concert tickets in the parquet sold for the highest prices of all the seats in the theatre.

9/19    progeny(PRAHJ uh nee)(noun) offspring or descendant; a product of creative effort.

            The musician’s young progeny will be a star one day.

9/22    quip(kwip)(noun) a witty remark or reply.

            Our English teacher is especially known for his good-natured quips.

9/23    regime (ri ZHEEM)(noun) a particular government; a system or method of government.

The dance instructor’s regime was so strict that half the students dropped out.

9/24    salutary(SAL yuh ter ee)(adjective) wholesome, healthful, remedial.

            A low sodium dies has a salutary effect on a person’s blood pressure.

9/25    somatic(suh MAT ik)(adjective) of the body; physical.

            June’s somatic infection was serious enough to require hospitalization.

9/26    tantamount(TAN tuh mount)(adjective) synonymous, parallel, equivalent.

            General Cornwallis’s retreat in South Carolina was tantamount  to defeat.

9/29    ubiquitous(yoo BIK woh tus)(adjective) being or seeming to be everywhere.

Computers were once rare but today are more ubiquitous than typewriters.

9/30    veneer(vuh NEER)(noun) a thin layer of material; façade; outward appearance.

As I stepped outside, a veneer  of condensation appeared on my glasses, obscuring my vision.