Capital Word of the Day

August 2014

8/11    ascetic(uh SET ik) (adjective) monk-like; practicing self-denial.

The priest had few basic comforts; he lived an ascetic life in the monastery.        

8/12    cataclysm(KAT ah kliz um) (noun) a violent upheaval or change.

One of the United Nations’ missions is to avoid the cataclysm of a third World War.

8/13    disconsolate(dis KON suh lut) (adjective) dejected; downcast; deep in grief or sorrow.

            Tony was disconsolate after loosing the race and a position on the Olympic team.

8/14    farrago(fuh RAG oh) (noun) a careless or confused mixture; hodge-podge.

College roommates often furnish their first apartment with a farrago of salvaged furniture.

8/15    grandiloquent(gran DIL uh kwunt) (adjective) attempting to impress with big words or gestures.

            The politician’s grandiloquent speech didn’t impress the audience. 

8/18    hirsute(HUR soot) (adjective) covered with hair, shaggy.

            Jerry’s English sheepdog was hirsute; he looked like nothing but fur.

8/19    impregnable(im PREG nuh bul) (adjective) able to withstand any attack; absolutely secure.

            My father’s attitude is impregnable  to my pleas and he won’t let me date until I am sixteen.

8/20    ligneous(adjective) (LIG nee is) woodlike.

            The ligneous material made the furniture very heavy and dark.

8/21    malfeasance(mal FEE zunce) (noun) an illegal act by a public official.

The mayor was guilty of malfeasance for giving a contract to his brother’s company.

8/22    nefarious(nih FARE ee uss) (adjective) extremely wicked; evil.

During wartime, nefarious  schemes are often contemplated by both sides.

8/25    oust(owst) (verb) to force out.

If you wish to oust a politician from office, you must go to the polls and vote him or her out!

8/26    reign(rayn) (noun) the exercise or possession of supreme power.

Many historians believe the reign of King Tutankhamen was a time of great progress.

8/27    sinecure(SY ni kyoor) (noun) an office or position providing an income but requiring little or no work.

            Until Al Gore was elected, most of the country viewed the position of Vice President as a sinecure.

8/28    sumptuous(SUMP choo us) (adjective) luxurious and expensive.

            I could never afford to live in such a sumptuous apartment.

8/29    tortuous(TOR choo wus) (adjective) changing direction frequently.

            His shortcut through the forest turned out to be tortuous and slow.