Capital High School Word of the Day


November 2014


 11/3    facsimile(fak SIM uh lee)(noun) something closely resembling another.

                The antiqueChinese vase was a facsimile of one from the Ming dynasty.

11/5    compote(KAHM poat)(noun)dessert of fruit cooked in syrup, also the dish in which it is served.

                For dessert the hostess prepared a most unusual compote of tropical fruit.

11/6    blanch(blanch)(verb) to remove color from.

It is easy to tell that Bill would never make it as a surgeon since his skin blanches at the sight of blood.

11/7    supine(soo PYNE)(adjective)lying on the back with the face turned upward.

When the investigators arrived, the body was still supine in the middle of the living room floor.

11/10 tripartite(try PAR tyt)(adjective)divided into or consisting of three parts.

The United States, France, and England formed a tripartite agreement that governed West Germany after World War II.

11/12 whelp(whelp)(noun)the young of an animal; a youth, esp. one who is disrespectful or disliked.

The female gorilla trampled through the jungle, her three whelps following her closely.

11/13 aegis(E jis)(noun) a shield or protection.

The dentist used a numbing agent as an aegis against the pain that would result when he performed my root canal.

11/14 bucolic(byoo KAHL ik)(adjective) rural or rustic in nature.

There is nothing bucolic about big city life; honking horns and bustling streets are neither peaceful nor rustic.

11/17 compunction(kum PUNK shun)(noun)a slight feeling of guilt for something one has done.

Robin Hood had no compunction about stealing because he felt that the wealthy could afford to give up some of their riches for the less fortunate.

11/18 desiccate(DESS ih kayt)(verb)to dry out; dehydrate.

Salt was one of the materials used to desiccate ancient Egyptian bodies in preparation for mummification.

11/19 garrulous(GAR uh lus)(adjective) overly talkative.

Our garrulous neighbor never asked much about us, but we knew her whole life story.

11/20 heterogeneous(het ur ah JEE nee us)(adjective) having dissimilar parts or elements.

Students of all abilities were in the same class, making a heterogeneous group.

11/21 ineradicable(in uh RAD uh kuh bul)(adjective)not able to be removed; impossible to wipe out of existence, memory.

                He spoke in such a commanding way that he left us with the ineradicable impression that we had been listening to a future leader.