Capital High School

Word of the Day

December 2014

12/1    authoritarian(uh THAWR uh tayr ee un)(noun) someone who believes in total obedience or subjection to authority figures.

A true authoritarian is one who believes in dictatorships, many of which are still to be found in Third World countries.

12/2    caucus(KAW kus)(noun) a meeting of leaders; especially a local political group.

A caucus was held to determine who would represent the union at the national conference.

12/3    delineate(di LIN ee ayt)(verb) to describe exactly; sketch out; depict.

Before writing a novel, the author usually delineates his plot, deciding what will happen during the story.

12/4    embryonic(em bree AHN ik)(adjective) in an early stage of development; in an undeveloped stage; rudimentary.

In our biology class we are studying the various stages of the birth of a pig, from embryonic conception to the actual birth.

12/5    imminent(IM uh nunt)(adjective) just about to happen.

                The clouds made us sure that a thunderstorm was imminent.

12/8    jetsam(JET sem)(noun) cargo or equipment thrown overboard to lighten an injured vessel; discarded odds and ends.

The rescue helicopter followed a trail of jetsam, which led them to the survivors of the sinking vessel.

12/9    kinetic(ki NET ik)(adjective) lively; active; having to do with motion.

                I learned the power of kinetic energy the first time I flew on an airplane.

12/10 lackadaisical(lack un DAZE ih kul)(adjective) lacking energy and vitality;

Her lackadaisical attitude created the illusion she was not a responsible person.

12/11 mores(MAWR ayz)(noun) customary cultural standards; moral attitudes, methods, habits.

According to Chinese mores, it is polite for the dinner guests to belch at the table as a gesture of appreciation and enjoyment.

12/12 nutritive(NOO truh tive)(adjective) having to do with promoting nutrition.

                There are many foods considered to be more nutritive than French fries.

12/15omnipotent(awm NIP uh tunt)(adjective) having unlimited power or  authority.

                Many in today’s society believe that doctors are omnipotent.

12/16 phantasmagoria(fan taz muh GORE ee uh)(noun) an illusion of perceiving something that does not exist.

My eighty-year-old grandma has a phantasmagoria about being in the Miss America pageant.

12/17 quid pro quo(kwid pro KWO)(noun) one thing in return for another.

The theory of  “quid pro quo” is used by advertisers when they offer a free gift for buying a product.

12/18 remonstrate(rih MON strate)(verb) to say or plead in protest, objection , or disapproval.

                Patrick Henry remonstrated, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

12/19 tranquil(TRANK wul)(adjective) quiet; calm; serene.

                Twilight in the forest is a tranquil time to take a walk.