Capital High School

Word of the Day

January 2015

1/5          atavistic(at uh VIS tic)(adjective) having characteristics of something ancient or ancestral; throwback.            

                  The atavistic behavior of the street gang is a throwback to the days of cavemen.

1/6          behest(bi HEST)(noun) an order or command.

                  The secretary typed the letters at the behest of her boss.

1/7          capacious(kuh PAY shus)(adjective) spacious; roomy; able to hold much.

                  The old castle has a capacious dining room large enough to seat a small army.

1/8          de facto(dih FAK toe)(adjective) in fact; actually existing, especially without lawful authority.

                  De facto religious segregation exists in many countries without the approval of the respective governments.

1/9          elfin(EL fin)(adjective) small and sprightly; mischievous, fairylike.

Jane is small and has an elfin charm until she starts to sing; then she sounds like a bullfrog in a pond.

1/12       finis(fi NEE)(noun) the end or conclusion.

The Nuremburg Trials of Nazi war criminals marked a symbolic finis to World War II.

1/13       gregarious(gruh GAIR ee us)(adjective) seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.

                  Bernard’s gregarious nature made him an enjoyable person.

1/14       hereditary -  (huh RED ih tare ee)(adjective) from one’s ancestor, possessed  at birth.

                  The doctor diagnosed a hereditary defect in the young boy’sheart.

1/15       inalienable(in AY lee un uh bul)(adjective) not subject to transfer, surrender, or removal; sacred.

Inalienable rights are freedoms that cannot be taken away from a United States citizen.

1/16       jingoism(JING goh iz um)(noun) aggressive nationalism and patriotism; belligerent bigoted patriotism; warmongering.

                  Patriotism can be misdirected into jingoism and intolerance of other nations very quickly.

1/20       lugubrious(loo GOO bree us)(adjective) exaggeratedly mournful.

                  Edgar Allan Poe is considered one of the most lugubrious American authors. 

1/21       ostracize(AHS truh size)(verb) to exclude from a group; to shun.

Marie Curie was ostracized from many scientific circles because she was a woman.

1/22       prevaricate(prih VAYR uh kayt)(verb) to lie, perjure, fib, deceive, falsify.

Joe prevaricated because he did not want to explain his whereabouts during 4th period.

1/23       rhapsodize(RAP suh dyze)(verb) to express oneself in an enthusiastic manner; to gush.

                  Fairy tales often rhapsodize about the princess meeting Prince Charming.

1/26       stringent(STRIN junt)(adjective)rigorously binding or exacting; strict.

Military colleges have stringent rules of conduct which students are required to follow.

1/27       temerity(tuh MER uh tee)(noun) boldness; recklessness; audacity.

After he had the temerity to dispute the company’s policies, Ed was forced to resign.

1/28       umbrage(UM bridge)(noun) sense of injury or insult; offense; displeasure.

                  America took umbrage when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

1/29       verisimilitude(ver uh si MIL uh tood)(noun) authenticity; plausibility; appearance of truth.

                  The verisimilitude of famous people in wax museums is enough to fool you for a brief minute.

1/30       wane(wayn)(verb) to decrease gradually; to weaken; to fade away.

                  By the late 1970s, the band’s popularity had begun to wane.