Capital High School

Word of the Day

May 2015


5/1          auspicious(aw SPISH us)(adjective) favorable; promising for the future.
Although our soccer team had a rough season, we are hoping for an auspicious start next year.
5/4          bouillabaisse(BOO yuh base)(noun) stew made with several kinds of fish and shellfish; a mixture of things.
                  The new play on Broadway is a bouillabaisse of comic routines in different humorous styles.
5/5          charisma(kuh RIZ muh)(noun) ability to attract followers.
                  Danielle’s personal charisma made her the perfect choice for class president.
5/6          debacle(di BAHK ul)(noun) a sudden calamitous downfall; collapse or failure.
                  The bank declared bankruptcy as a result of a  debacle created by a dishonest board of directors.
5/7          egalitarian(e gal uh TARE ee un)(adjective/noun) advocating the doctrine of equal rights for all citizens; a person who advocates equal rights.
                  Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a true egalitarian; he preached equal rights for all citizens of all races and religions.
5/8          fortuitous(for TWO uh tus)(adjective) occurring by accident or chance.
It was a fortuitous bit of luck that I found my iPad after having misplaced it for three days.
5/11       gradient( GRAY dee unt)(noun) a rate of inclination; a slope.
The steep gradient up the hill made it quite difficult to pedal my bike to the top.
5/12       harrowing(HARE oh ing)(adjective) extremely distressing; disturbing or frightening.
                  After the harrowing roller coaster ride, Jill thought she was going to be sick.
5/13       implement(IM pluh munt)(verb) to carry through.
                  Our state was one of the first to implement a motorcycle helmet law.
5/14       lieu(loo)(adverb) instead of; in place of.
I used breadcrumbs in lieu  of eggs when I realized the egg carton in the fridge was empty.
5/15       motif  - (moh TEEF)(noun) a pattern or design; a similar dominant or recurring theme or element.
                  I chose curtains with a blue and grey flower motif for the spare bedroom.
5/18       nimbus(NIM bus)(noun) halo, a cloud, aura, atmosphere surrounding a person.
                  Most rock stars are surrounded by a nimbus of fame and adoration.
5/19       pacify(PAS uh fye)(verb) to calm, appease, soothe, placate.
King Rex was well-known for attempting to pacify a huge mob with promises to repeal an unpopular tax.
5/20       plucky(PLU kee)(adjective) brave and spirited; courageous.
                  My parents always said I was too plucky for my own safety.
5/21       quaff – (kwaf)(verb) to drink heartily.
                  After football practice, some players can quaff a whole gallon of water.
5/22       relic(RELL ik)(noun) something that has survived from an earlier time; something kept sacred because it was associated with a saint.
                  The old sunken ship was a relic of the Spanish-American war.
5/26       seclusion(sih KLOOzhun)(noun) a place away from people and busy activities; solitude; privacy.
The prisoner was so violent, the warden had him placed in seclusion for thirty days,
5/27       taciturn(TAS ih turn)(adjective) reserved in speech; sparing of words.
The advantage of being taciturn is that when you speak rarely, you seldom say anything stupid.
5/28       unbridled(un BRIDE duld)(adjective) violent; unbounded; unrestrained.
Andrea’s unbridles passion for dancing is evident in every performance she gives.
5/29       warrant(WAR unt)(verb) to justify; provide grounds for; guarantee.
                  If your absence warrants an excuse, then you can take the test tomorrow.