Capital High School

Word of the Day

June 2015


6/1     misnomer(miss NO mur)(noun) an incorrect or inappropriate name.
A nickname like “Speedy” is a misnomer when given to someone who is slow at what he does.
6/2     pecuniary(pi KYOO nee ere e)(adjective) consisting of or relating to money.
            Alex’s concerns about going to college were specifically pecuniary since his father was out of work.
6/3     recalcitrant(ri KAL suh trunt)(adjective) showing strong objection, obstinate, unwilling, stubbornly defiant.
            The recalcitrant student refused to bring his book to class.
6/4     stigmatize(STIG muh tize)(verb) mark with disgrace or infamy.
            One bad decision can stigmatize you for a very long time.