Capital High School

Word of the Day

April 2015


4/6        archetype(AHR kuh type)(noun) the original model or pattern.
The Wright Brothers’ first airplane was an archetype of mrore advanced airplanes that were to follow.
4/7        bowdlerize(BOWD lur ize)(verb) to omit, abridge, or modify a work of literature that is considered offensive.
                  By choosing to bowderlize Gone With the Wind,  the author created another lackluster novel of the Deep South during the Civil War.
4/8        cerebellum(sare uh BELL um)(noun)part of the brain, between the cerebrum and brain stem, that controls muscle coordination and equilibrium.
                  Jack’s loss of muscle coordination was related to an injured cerebellum.
4/9        defeatist(dih FEET ist)(adjective) characterized by acceptance or expectation of defeat.
                  Defeatist comments can set you up for a loss that you are unable to handle.
4/10     ecclesiastical –  (I klee zee AS ti kul)(adjective) belonging to or connected with the Christian religion.
                  The many churches in the old city gave it an ecclesiastical feeling.
4/13     euphonious(you PHONE ee us)(adjective) pleasing to the ear.
                  Carla sings in the choir because she has a sweet, euphonious voice.
4/14     fiefdom(FEEF dum)(noun) something one has rights over.
                  If any fiefdom controlled the hydrogen bomb, it could well control the world.
4/15     gaffe(gaf)(noun) an embarrassing mistake; a crude social error; blunder; faux pas.
                  His failure to consult the county’s Hispanic leadership was a major gaffe and may have cost him the election.
4/16     halyard(HAL yard)(noun) a tackle or rope used on a ship to hoist and lower.
                  In the America’s Cup, experts are needed to handle the halyards under everyday conditions.
4/17     impetuous(im PECH oo wus)(adjective) without much thought; sudden and impulsive; rash.
                  I regret my impetuous decision to buy a new car when I lost my job and couldn’t pay for it.
4/20     injunction(in JUNGK shun)(noun) command or order, usually having to do with the court.
                  Randy was served with an injunction  that said he must keep his dog on a leash.
4/21     jaded(JAY dud)(adjective) worn out or wearied as by overwork or overuse.
                  Working sixteen hours a day can make you jaded, exhausted, and in serious need of sleep.
4/22     lessor(LESS or)(noun) one who grants a lease.
                  The real estate agent advised the lessor that the future tenants had questions.
4/23     meritocracy(mare ih TOK ruh see)(noun) a system of rule in which leaders are chosen based on ability and talent instead of wealth and position.
                  Athletics is one system where meritocracy prevails.
4/24     nomenclature(NOH mun klay chur)(noun) a specialized system of names and terms used in a particular field of study; a system for naming things.
                  The most difficult part of becoming an X-ray technician is learning all the medical nomenclature.
4/27     oxymoron(ahk see MAWR ahn)(noun) a figure of speech in which two contradictory words are used together in a phrase;.
                  “Fresh-squeezed juice from concentrate” is an oxymoron some companies use to sell their juices.
4/28     perpendicular(pur pen DIK yu ler)(adjective) upright or vertical; being at right angles to the plane of the horizon.
                  Because the wall was not perpendicular, it gradually succumbed to gravity and fell over.
4/29     shibboleth(SHIB uh luth)(noun) a slogan, motto, or catchword; any usage that distinguishes one group from another.
                  “We bring good things to life” is the shibboleth for General Electric Company.
4/30     turbid(TUR bid)(adjective) cloudy or murky; unclear; muddy.
                  The air in Los Angeles can become turbid because of the industrial city smog.