Vehicle Operation Privileges at Capital High School

Seniors, juniors, and sophomores are permitted to drive to school and must register their vehicles according to the procedures established by the administration of Capital High School. The fee is $30, cash only, and if a student maintained a 3.0 from the previous year, the fee is $25.  Students must provide proper documentation in order to receive the discounted fee.  Each student will be assigned a specific parking space and must have the following items on the day of registration:  1) Vehicle Registration Form, 2) Driver’s License, and 3) Grade Sheet.  Please stop by the front desk to obtain a Vehicle Registration Form prior to these dates.



It is the policy of Capital High School not to grant driving privileges to freshman regardless of whether they are out of district or involved in extracurricular activities.

Parking Restrictions


  1. Excessive unexcused absences and/or tardiness may cause a student to forfeit their vehicle operation and parking privileges.
  2. Any discipline referral may cause a student to forfeit their vehicle operation and parking privileges.  However, if the offense is leaving school grounds without permission, the parking privilege will be revoked immediately.

*Disciplinary records, attendance, and academic achievement may be reviewed at the end of each semester.   Students failing to meet minimum standards in these three areas may have privileges revoked.


Driving Regulations

  1. Must meet driving privilege standards
  2. Obtain a numbered parking permit and always park in the assigned student parking area. Students will be assigned a specific parking place.  A diagram of student area parking will be provided.
  3. The parking permit/hangar must be displayed hanging from the rearview mirror with the spot number displayed outward.
  4. Only Display the current permit.
  5. Upon entering the campus and parking designated area, all students will exit their vehicle and report immediately to the school building.
  6. Any 9th grader who attempts to drive to school may lose parking privileges as a sophomore, junior, and senior.