Capital High School

Word of the Day

September 2015


9/1      aspirant(ASS pah rant)(noun) someone who aspires, as to high honors or position.

Prince Charles is the aspirant to the throne of England.

9/2      bona fide(BOH nuh fyde)(adjective) not counterfeit or phony; genuine; real.

Banks have means to determine when paper money is not bona fide.

9/3      charlatan(SHAR luh tun)(noun) quack; fraud.

The charlatan  sold an elixir guaranteed to give anyone eternal life for just $19.95.

9/4      demerit(dih MER it)(noun) blame; penalty.

My supervisor gives demerits to the workers who arrive late for their shifts.

9/8      ethics(ETH iks)(noun) values pertaining to human conduct; moral philosophy.

The ethics of the fight promoter were questionable; he willingly encouraged a brain-damaged boxer to take a bought that could maim or kill him.

9/9      formidable(FOOR muh dih bul)(adjective) exceptionally difficult; fearsome or intimidating.

When an obstacle appears too formidable, just keep putting one foot in front of the other with dogged determination.

9/10    impale(im PALE)( verb) to pierce with anything pointed.

Henry was impaled on the metal prongs of a pitchfork that was left carelessly left lying on the barn floor.

9/11    labyrinth(LAB uh rinth)(noun) a maze.

Capital High School feels like a labyrinth to freshmen on the first few days of school.

9/14    maladroit(mal uh DROYT)(adjective) clumsy; inept.

Actor Chevy Chase was famous for his maladroit roles.

9/15    nadir(NAY dir)(noun) point of greatest adversity or despair.

The Great Depression was the nadir of despair in the 1930’s.

9/16    overwrought(OH vur rot)(adjective) overexcited, agitated, riled.

Sam was overwrought about the increase in college tuition, since his scholarship had not increased.

9/17    palatial(puh LAY shul)(adjective) ostentatiously magnificent, extravagant, opulent.

The thirty-one room mansion at the edge of town certainly falls into the palatial category.

9/18    profligate(PRAHF luh git)(adjective) recklessly extravagant.

Frank’s profligate way of living is  quickly reducing his bank account.

9/21    quixotic( kwik SAHT ik)(adjective) idealistic and totally impractical.

Professor Callan said it is quixotic for society to ignore the world’s environmental problems.

9/22    reiterate(re ITR ut rate)(verb) to state again.

My teacher reiterated that the test would be easy, provided we studied in preparation.

9/23    revulsion(ruh VUL shun)(noun) a strong, often sudden feeling of dislike or disgust.

I stepped back in revulsion when I saw the dead body in the middle of the trail.

9/24    seethe(seeth)(verb) to be agitated, as by rage.

When he learned that his kingdom had been conquered, the king began to seethe with anger.

9/25    termagant(TUR muh gunt)(noun) quarrelsome, loud, scolding woman.

That his wife was a termagant woman by nature was apparent in his downtrodden appearance.

9/28    uncouth(un KOOTH)(adjective) awkward; unmannerly; lacking refinement.

Many guests were offended by the uncouth little girl who picked her nose at the dinner table.

9/29    vacillate(VAS uh layt)(verb) to not know one’s own mind; fluctuate; to waver.

It is not good for a teacher or parent to vacillate after making a decision.

9/30    writhe(ryth)(verb) to twist or bend; to suffer acutely, as in pain or embarrassment.

The fish writhed free of the fisherman’s hook and escaped back into the sea.