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To: Extra Curricular, Co-Curricular Teachers and Sponsors/Athletic Coaches/Parents/Students

From: The Capital High School Administration

Date: August 1, 2016

RE: Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Assurance Agreement (Updated Summer 2015)

We are extremely pleased with the overall performance and success of the performing arts and athletic programs at Capital High School. Of great concern to us is the academic well being of every individual within these groups. We acknowledge, realize and understand that the amount of time individuals spend pursuing perfection in co-curricular activities is at least equal to and often exceeds that devoted by the extra-curricular activity participant (athletic team member).  

Therefore, we find it appropriate to establish minimum standards which all individuals in both the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities must adhere to and maintain.

• The primary goal of the school is academic achievement at the highest possible level.
• The primary goal of the student should be academic achievement.
• The primary interest beyond the overall well-being of the student in school should be academic achievement and success.
• The primary focus of the sponsor/coach, etc., should first be the academic achievement of the student, character development, the overall growth, maturation and development of the student physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. And winning following closely behind all these other things as a given in your program! 

Each individual who desires to participate in any school sponsored/related activity, thus becoming an ambassador and role model for the school, will scrupulously adhere to the stipulations, obligations, expectations, and standards being set forth herein. Each member - actively participating or not - of these groups will sign this agreement acknowledging the existence of such stipulations, obligations, expectations, and standards.  

Representing Capital High in any capacity is both a privilege and honor and individuals must share this sense of pride and agree to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our history of excellence and the expectations of the administration of Capital High School.  

Together the administration, teachers and coaches/sponsors will monitor the academic progress of students each grading period and provide individualized attention to those who may struggle to meet these Assurance Agreement standards. Coaches/sponsors and teachers will be required to submit an electronic roster of all program/group/team members.  


Capital High School Assurance Agreement
Principal: Larry D. Bailey

Assistant Principals:
Angela S. Cruikshank
Daniel D. Ramezan
Abby J Stevens
Susan M. Young