September 2016 Word of the Day


9/1--audism (AWD ism) noun the idea that one is superior based on one's ability to hear, or an attitude based on pathological thinking

Audists believe in signing exact English while promoting audism, as opposed to accepting deafness as a culture and also promoting ASL as a foreign language.

9/2 --bank statement (BANK STAYT ment) noun a report of deposits, withdrawals, and bank balances sent to a depositor by a bank

In order to keep track of all her money, she kept a tidy bank statement and checked it frequently.

9/6-- Collision (ke-li-zhen) noun the occurrence of a vehicle hitting another object

 Because she was wearing her seatbelt, Beth was not hurt during the collision of her car with wild jackalope.

9/7—discord—(DIS cord) nouninharmonious combination of sounds; disagreement

The discord that occurred when everyone began talking at once caused the teacher to develop a headache.

9/8—exquisite (ik skwizit) adjective beautiful, perfect

Her exquisite fluency when speaking Spanish made many question whether or not she wasn’t a native of Spain.

9/9—foresight (FOR site) noun the ability to look ahead or anticipate something

Thank you for having the foresight to plan ahead for the upcoming week!

9/12—Girder (Gur der) noun a horizontal beam or support, usually made of steel or wood

The bridge girders were not solidly made, so the bridge collapsed after the first week of opening.

9/13—famished (FAM ished) adjective extremely hungry

I was famished by noon, because I hadn’t eaten all morning.

9/14—gravity (gra vuh tee) noun the force of attraction toward the center of a celestial body

Astronauts experience a loss of gravity and feel weightless when they leave the earth’s atmosphere

9/15hypocritical (hi pê kri ti kêl) adjective pretending to believe what one does not

It is hypocritical to say you are against pollution, but then you throw litter from your car.

9/16 inalienable (in AY lee un uh bul) (adjective) not subject to transfer, surrender, orremoval; sacred.

Inalienable rights are freedoms that cannot be taken away from a United States citizen.

9/19 jingoism – (JING goh iz um) (noun) aggressive nationalism and patriotism,

belligerent bigoted patriotism; warmongering.

Patriotism can be misdirected into jingoism and intolerance of other nations very quickly.

9/20 lugubrious –(loo GOO bree us)(adjective) exaggeratedly mournful.

Edgar Allan Poe is considered one of the most lugubrious American authors because his writing is so depressing.

9/21 Narcissistic (Nar suh siss tik) (adjective) having an excessive interest in oneself and/or one's physical appearance

The narcissistic villain never cared about the city, she only wanted what would benefit herself.

9/22 ostracize – (AHS truh size)(verb) to exclude from a group; to shun.

Marie Curie was ostracized from many scientific circles because she was a woman.

9/23 prevaricate – (prih VAYR uh kayt)(verb) to lie, perjure, fib, deceive, falsify.

Joe prevaricated because he did not want to explain his whereabouts during 4th period.

9/26 rhapsodize – (RAP suh dyze)(verb) to express oneself in an enthusiastic manner; to


Fairy tales often rhapsodize about the princess meeting Prince Charming.

9/27 stringent – (STRIN junt)(adjective)rigorously binding or exacting; strict.

Military colleges have stringent rules of conduct which students are required to follow.

9/28 temerity – (tuh MER uh tee)(noun) boldness; recklessness; audacity.

After he had the temerity to dispute the company’s policies, Ed was forced to resign.

9/29 umbrage – (UM bridge)(noun) sense of injury or insult; offense; displeasure.

America took umbrage when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

9/30 verisimilitude – (ver uh si MIL uh tood)(noun) authenticity; plausibility;

appearance of truth.

The verisimilitude of famous people in wax museums is enough to fool you for a brief minute.