Last year, 2014, marked the 25th anniversary of Capital High School! Opened during the 1988-1989 school year, Capital High School is considered a modern state-of-the-art school which has a closed campus. It has a student population of approximately 1,300 students, and is Kanawha County's Magnet School for the Performing Arts. It is the only high school in the state of West Virginia that teaches instrumental music, vocal music, drama, dance, and television/media production every period of the school day.

     The original high school in the city was Charleston High School, locally known as "The High," serving the entire city.  In 1940, the school had become overcrowded and the attendance area was divided at the Elk River, with the West Side of town attending the local Stonewall Jackson High School. However, in the early 70’s the Board of Education began making plans to consolidate Charleston High School and Stonewall Jackson High School, because of low enrollments.  And, especially, to ensure that the students of the East End and West Side would receive a World Class, 21st Century education to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in business, industry, and higher education at the time thus enabling our students to compete on par with students throughout the world and not just locally or here in West Virginia resulting from the advent of globalization.

     The first site considered was near Laidley Field, which is next to the State Capitol building, hence the choice of the name "Capital High School” which would make it the ‘top school’ since it would be located in the Capitol City!

     This site was, however, abandoned in favor of a Track and Field Hall of Fame (which was never built) and a second site selected just off Greenbrier Street (The Vaughn Property) near the airport, but this location was also rejected as the site for the new school following a plane crash in the area.

     The Board of Education then decided to accept a donated location on a hilltop about 5 miles from town (and nowhere near the State Capitol the school was named for) that was formerly a country club (Meadowbrook) for golfing that also included a very popular swimming pool. While building the school, to honor and represent Charleston High School, the arch from that school was placed in the parking lot.

     Capital High School, despite its rural setting, is considered to be an inner-city school because the majority of its attending students reside in an urban, inner-city environment. With that, the creative, beyond talented and unique students that attend Capital, are what makes this school one of the top schools around. The students then and the students now have some of the best school spirit ever seen in this state. Also, many accomplishments have breezed through this school. The first graduating class, class of 1990, football team attended the state championship.

     This combination of school construction and busing students from an urban location to a closed campus in a remote setting was successful in controlling many urban problems plaguing both the high schools consolidated to form Capital High School.  This ‘formula’ for school consolidation and construction has been copied, successfully, by other school districts throughout the state of West Virginia.

     This page is for everybody, alumni or current student of Capital High School. It is a page of a time-traveling machine down memory lane. It just comes to show, it has ALWAYS been a great day to be a cougar. We hope you enjoy!