Division I Large School Rankings

3rd Place--Riverside High School

2nd Place--Greenbrier East High School



Outstanding Student Scholarships

Bryce Foster--$1,000

Hailey Adams--$500

Taylor Huddleston--$500


A Reflective Essay Sponsored by the Honors College

3rd Place--Bryce Foster

Financial Management

2nd Place--Isaac Abdalla

Healthcare Knowledge Exam

1st Place--Allison Farley

Human Resource Management--The Game of Life

2nd Place--Ashley Martin

International Financial Management

1st Place--Isaac Abdalla

2nd Place--Vishnu Kasireddy

Acting--Dramatic Monologue

1st Place--Allison Fletcher

2nd Place--Tiara Stokes

Art Portfolio - 10th Grade

1st Place--Lilian Pauley

3rd Place--Samantha Taylor

Art Portfolio - 11th Grade

1st Place--Raigan Hagerman

Art Portfolio - 12th Grade

2nd Place--Leigh-Anna Johnson

Design an Ad

1st Place--Harley Wince

2nd Place--Taylor Huddleston

Designing of Scenery

2nd Place--Arsham Gharaei

Editorial Writing

1st Place--Clare Higgins

3rd Place--Madison Staten

Music Composition

1st Place--Nicholas Strawn

2nd Place--Dhakari Eubanks

Music Piano

1st Place--Arsham Gharaei

2nd Place--Virginia Grose

Music Strings

1st Place--Hannah Tackett

2nd Place--Ethan Shin

Music Voice

2nd Place--Cayce Murphy

Photojournalism Feature Photo

2nd Place--Hailey Adams

French II--Intermediate

1st Place--Hannah Ihnat

2nd Place--Santino Maniscalchi

French III--Advanced

2nd Place--India Menon

3rd Place--Anna Hudgins

Literary Analysis

2nd Place--Bryce Foster

Original Oratory

1st Place--Isabel Menon

Psychology Exam and Essay

1st Place--Riley Apperson

Sociological Concepts

1st Place--Mariah Hedrick

Spanish Level V

2nd Place--Bryce Foster

Spanish Level IV

1st Place--Corey Crowder

Spanish Level III

1st Place--Riley Apperson

2nd Place--Olivia McCoy

Spanish Level II

1st Place--Isabel Menon

US History

1st Place--Cora Dunlap

Cell Biology and Genetics

3rd Place--Johnathan Harrell

Chemistry I

3rd Place--Arsham Gharaei

Digital Forensics and Digital Security

1st Place--Sullivan Steele

Environmental Science

3rd Place--Rachel Knight

General Physics

1st Place--Audrey McMillion

Math Quiz Bowl

3rd Place--Vishnu Kasireddy, Audrey McMillion, and Alex Zheng

Dance Group

1st Place--Break the Silence--Chloe Carpenter, Hannah Dolin, Lindsey Hunt, Audrey Johnson, Makayla Jones, MeKenzi McNabb, Samantha Slappe, MacKenzie Williams

3rd Place--Her Shoulder--Hannah Ihnat and Audrey Spradling

Dance Solo

3rd Place--MeKenzi McNabb


Special Thanks to:

Matthew D. Cox

Social Studies & Spanish Teacher

Capital High School

President, West Virginia Council for the Social Studies